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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 25

The content focuses on solving a paradox question related to the discrepancy in innovation levels between 19th-century French painting and sculpture, despite both being funded by the French Academy of Art.
  • Paradox questions require explaining a discrepancy or a situation that doesn't seem to make sense.
  • The French Academy of Art sponsored both painting and sculpture, but discouraged innovation, leading to less innovation in sculpture compared to painting.
  • The paradox is that despite similar funding sources and discouragement of innovation, painting saw more innovation than sculpture.
  • Answer choice C explains the paradox by highlighting that painters could still innovate due to lower costs of paint and canvas, unlike sculptors who were more financially dependent on the Academy.
  • Other answer choices either exacerbate the paradox or fail to address the discrepancy adequately.
Understanding Paradox Questions
Identifying the Discrepancy
Analyzing the Paradox
Resolving the Paradox