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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 9

The content provides a comprehensive guide on how to approach and solve 'weaken the argument' questions on the GRE, focusing on understanding the argument's conclusion, evidence, and assumptions.
  • Identifying the conclusion and evidence within an argument is crucial for understanding the argument's structure.
  • Assumptions are unstated premises that must hold true for the argument to remain valid; identifying these is key to answering weaken questions.
  • The future resembling the past is a common assumption in arguments about future outcomes based on past data.
  • Evaluating answer choices involves understanding how they impact the argument's assumptions and whether they strengthen, weaken, or are neutral to the argument.
  • The correct answer choice will directly challenge an assumption, leading to the weakening of the argument.
Understanding the Argument
Identifying Assumptions
Evaluating Answer Choices
Selecting the Correct Answer