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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 24

The essence of the content revolves around tackling a principle-identify question on the GRE, focusing on matching the scenario presented in a passage to the correct answer choice by breaking down the argument and understanding its conclusion and supporting details.
  • Principle-identify questions require matching the scenario in the passage to an answer choice that correctly describes it.
  • The argument's conclusion is that designer interaction with consumers is superior to survey data for improving product design.
  • The passage illustrates that while surveys can indicate why a feature received a low rating, they fail to suggest how to enhance the feature for a better rating.
  • The correct answer choice (A) states that getting consumer input for design modifications can contribute to successful product design, aligning with the passage's argument.
  • Other answer choices are dismissed for not accurately reflecting the scenario or argument presented in the passage.
Understanding Principle-Identify Questions
Breaking Down the Argument
Evaluating Answer Choices