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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 19

The content provides an in-depth analysis of a 'strengthen except' question, focusing on identifying the assumptions underlying an argument and evaluating how different answer choices impact those assumptions.
  • A 'strengthen except' question requires identifying one answer that does not support the argument's assumptions, contrasting with 'strengthen' questions where only one answer supports the argument.
  • Understanding an argument's structure, conclusion, and evidence is crucial for identifying its assumptions.
  • The example provided involves analyzing the success of the Land Party in 1935, with the conclusion that their victory was due to addressing the concerns of the rural poor.
  • Causal arguments assume that the cause cited is the true reason for an effect, excluding other potential causes or coincidences.
  • Answer choices B through E strengthen the argument by supporting its assumptions, while answer choice A fails to do so as it is irrelevant to the argument's focus.
Understanding 'Strengthen Except' Questions
Identifying Assumptions in Arguments
Analyzing the Example of the Land Party's Victory
Evaluating Answer Choices