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The LSAT is Changing in August 2024

Test Structure Changes

The key difference is that there will be no more Logic Games (aka Analytical Reasoning). In that section's place will be another Logical Reasoning section.

Section Current LSAT (before Aug 2024) New LSAT (starting Aug 2024)
Reading (RC), scored 1 section 1 section
Logic Games (LG), scored 1 section 0 sections
Logical Reasoning (LR), scored 1 section 2 sections
Random, unscored 1 section of either RC, LG, or LR 1 section of either RC or LR

Note that for the new LSAT the scoring scale will remain the same: 120 to 180. All questions on the scored sections will still be worth 1 raw point each. Your total number of correct answers is your raw score, which will then be converted to your scaled score through a conversion table.

Any Content Changes for RC or LR?

None! Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning will still feature the same types of questions that are already on the current LSAT. This means that in order to study for the new LSAT, the only difference is that you would skip over any Logic Games material. All the other content remains the same.

Important Dates

The following table shows the last chance to take the LSAT in its current form. For the most current information about future exam dates, please visit lsac.org/LSATdates.

Deadlines Current LSAT (before Aug 2024) New LSAT (starting Aug 2024)
Registration April 23, 2024 Upcoming
Test Dates June 6-8, 2024 August 2024

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