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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 8

The content provides an in-depth analysis of how to approach inference questions on the GRE, specifically focusing on identifying the correct answer by analyzing the argument's facts and the logical conclusion that can be drawn from them.
  • Understanding the type of question is crucial; for inference questions, the goal is to find an answer that can be absolutely proven with the given facts.
  • The example provided involves an argument about the environmental impact of electric cars, highlighting the importance of closely examining the facts presented in the argument.
  • The correct answer choice (A) is identified by logically connecting the facts about electric cars, their energy sources, and the environmental consequences.
  • Incorrect answer choices are analyzed to demonstrate common pitfalls, such as making assumptions beyond the facts provided or misinterpreting the argument's scope.
  • The analysis emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between what is directly supported by the facts and what might seem plausible but is not explicitly provable.
Introduction to Inference Questions
Analyzing the Argument's Facts
Identifying the Correct Answer
Evaluating Incorrect Answers