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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 20

The content focuses on dissecting a GRE question that involves understanding and evaluating the strategy of argumentation within a given argument, specifically highlighting the importance of recognizing the conclusion and evidence to accurately assess the argument's validity.
  • Method of reasoning questions require identifying an abstract description of the argument in the answer choices.
  • Understanding the argument involves breaking it down into its conclusion and evidence.
  • The conclusion is Gamba's disagreement with Munoz over the representation of Hopeville's residents' views based on a small voting sample.
  • Gamba's argument critiques the statistical validity of Munoz's claim by pointing out the insufficient size of the voting sample.
  • The correct answer choice (E) encapsulates Gamba's strategy by highlighting the issue with the statistical sample's size being too small to be dependable.
Understanding Method of Reasoning Questions
Breaking Down the Argument
Evaluating Answer Choices