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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 23

The content provides an in-depth analysis of a GRE question focusing on sufficient assumption, specifically dealing with the logical structuring required to deduce the morality of actions based on their impact on aggregate well-being.
  • Identifies the question as a sufficient assumption question, aiming to prove a philosophical conclusion about the morality of actions.
  • Breaks down the argument into formal logic statements to clarify the relationship between actions' impacts on well-being and their moral assessment.
  • Evaluates each answer choice through logical reasoning, concluding that any action not morally wrong is morally right, as per answer choice C.
  • Discards other answer choices by logically demonstrating their inability to prove the conclusion true.
  • Utilizes formal logic to simplify and solve the complex philosophical argument presented in the question.
Understanding the Question
Dissecting the Argument
Formal Logic Application
Evaluating Answer Choices