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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 14

The essence of tackling a weaken question on the GRE involves identifying and challenging the assumptions underlying an argument, particularly in causal arguments where establishing an alternate cause can significantly undermine the original claim.
  • Understanding the argument's conclusion and evidence is crucial for identifying assumptions to attack in a weaken question.
  • The argument presented uses an experiment comparing the effects of microwave heating versus conventional heating on the enzyme concentration in milk to conclude that microwaves, not the heat they generate, destroy the enzyme.
  • A key assumption in the argument is that there's no alternate cause for the enzyme's destruction other than the microwaves themselves.
  • The correct answer choice provides an alternate cause, suggesting that the heat generated by microwaves, through creating small zones of much higher temperature, could be responsible for the enzyme's destruction.
  • Identifying the correct answer involves eliminating options that are outside the scope of the argument or fail to address the underlying assumptions.
Understanding Weaken Questions
Analyzing the Argument
Identifying Key Assumptions
Evaluating Answer Choices