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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 17

The essence of tackling flaw questions on the GRE involves identifying the error within an argument by understanding its conclusion and evidence, and then selecting the answer choice that accurately describes the flaw.
  • Flaw questions require pinpointing the argument's error.
  • Understanding the argument entails knowing its conclusion and the evidence supporting it.
  • The flaw often lies in the nature of the evidence or the expertise of those providing it.
  • The correct answer choice will describe how the argument is flawed, often related to the relevance or breadth of the expertise cited.
  • Eliminating wrong answer choices is crucial after identifying the most fitting description of the flaw.
Understanding Flaw Questions
Identifying the Argument's Conclusion and Evidence
Analyzing the Flaw and Selecting the Correct Answer
Evaluating and Eliminating Wrong Answer Choices