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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 7

The content focuses on dissecting a principle application question within the GRE exam, emphasizing the importance of identifying and applying an abstract principle to determine the most advanced form of moral motivation.
  • Understanding the principle described by the ethicist is crucial, which states that the highest form of moral motivation is based solely on abstract principles, not on self-interest or societal norms.
  • Each answer choice is evaluated based on whether the action is motivated by abstract principles or by self-interest and societal norms, with only one fitting the criteria of advanced moral motivation.
  • Answer choice D is identified as the correct answer because it aligns with the principle of acting on abstract principles, in this case, prioritizing environmental protection over monetary gain.
Introduction to Principle Application Questions
Identifying the Abstract Principle
Evaluating Answer Choices Against the Principle
Conclusion and Correct Answer Justification