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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 1


Question one. This would be one of the weirder ways that the test maker has phrased a parallel reasoning question. The important words here in the question stem are the analysis provided is most appropriate for which of the following situations. Essentially, they've given us a pattern a situation to which some analysis has been applied and then they're asking for a similar situation.

Where the same analysis would apply, so our job is to match the pattern. So the pattern we are matching is the analysis where we find out that some people will sacrifice sensual comfort or pleasure for the sake of appearances. In the situation that was someone who bought a winter coat that wasn't warm, so they sacrifice pleasure in order to appear stylish so for the sake of appearances. So let's go to the answers and see which one matches.

Answer choice A gives us a person who buys an automobile to commute to work even though public transportation is quick and reliable. Well, this person isn't giving up any comfort. In fact, it seems like it might be more comfortable to have a quick and reliable ride. They're also doing it to go to work, not to keep up appearances.

So answer choice A is not my answer, go to B. Now in B, we have a parent who's buying a car seat and they're buying it because it's more comfortable and colorful, so they're not sacrificing essential comfort they are embracing it. Perhaps the color is a little bit of appearances but the rest of the our answer choice doesn't work so be is not our answer.

Go to C, so here we have a couple that's buying a wine. Even though their favorite wine is less expensive and better tasting, so they are sacrificing some comfort and pleasure, the pleasure they get from tasting the wine. And they're sacrificing it because they think it will impress their dinner guests. So for the sake of appearances, this matches the pattern from above, so it is our answer.

Now just glance at the other answers to see why they're wrong, answer choice D has a person setting their thermostat low, which, if it's cold, that would be sacrificing some central comfort. But they're doing it because they're concerned about the environmental damage caused by fossil fuels, not for the sake of appearances. It doesn't say that they are trying to appear like a really great person, it's that they're actually concerned, so it's not D.

Go to E, so E has an acrobat that is convincing the circus to purchase an expensive outfit. So that's not sacrificing pleasure, that's sacrificing money. He's going to wear it to impress the audience, which would be the sake of appearances. But since the first half doesn't match, that's not our answer.

So answer choice C turns out to be the answer.

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