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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 19

The essence of tackling strengthened questions on the GRE involves understanding the argument's structure, identifying its conclusion and evidence, and pinpointing the gaps that exist between them.
  • Strengthened questions require supporting the argument's assumptions by breaking it down into conclusion and evidence.
  • The argument's conclusion suggests that government intrusion in voters' lives will not be substantially reduced over time in a democracy.
  • The evidence forms a cause and effect chain starting from politicians' promises to reduce government intrusion to the necessity of taxes for solving problems, which are considered a form of government intrusion.
  • The gap in the argument is the assumption that politicians will fulfill their promises of assistance, which leads to more taxes and thus more intrusion.
  • The correct answer choice strengthens the argument by stating that politicians who win their elections usually keep their campaign promises, thereby supporting the cause and effect chain leading to the conclusion.
Understanding Strengthened Questions
Dissecting the Argument
Identifying the Gap
Selecting the Correct Answer