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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 4

The content focuses on identifying and analyzing flaws in arguments, specifically within the context of GRE exam preparation. It uses an example of corporations using motivational posters to illustrate how to pinpoint a scope shift or concept shift error in an argument.
  • Flaw questions require understanding the argument by identifying its conclusion and evidence.
  • The example provided discusses corporations using motivational posters and the flawed reasoning that they won't achieve their intended purpose because employees are already motivated.
  • The error in the argument is identified as a scope shift or concept shift, where the evidence does not directly support the conclusion.
  • The correct answer choice (E) is highlighted as it correctly identifies the flaw in the argument by distinguishing between being already motivated and the potential for further motivation boost.
Understanding Flaw Questions
Identifying the Argument's Conclusion and Evidence
Analyzing the Scope Shift Error
Selecting the Correct Answer