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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 24

The essence of tackling strengthen questions on the GRE involves identifying and bridging the gap between an argument's evidence and its conclusion, specifically by supporting the argument's underlying assumptions.
  • Strengthen questions require connecting evidence and conclusion more tightly, essentially supporting the argument's assumption.
  • Understanding the argument involves breaking it down into its conclusion and evidence, identifying the gap that exists between them.
  • The correct answer choice will provide a reason or piece of evidence that effectively bridges this gap, thereby strengthening the argument.
  • In the provided example, the argument's gap is bridged by demonstrating that the whole (institutions) does not determine the properties of its components (people), which supports the conclusion that institutions don't make people evil.
Understanding Strengthen Questions
Identifying the Argument's Components
Evaluating Answer Choices
Determining the Correct Answer