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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 3

The content provides a detailed strategy for tackling point-at-issue questions on the GRE, focusing on identifying disagreements between two parties based on their statements.
  • Point-at-issue questions require proving a disagreement or agreement between two parties.
  • Understanding each party's statements is crucial for identifying provable disagreements.
  • A three-step checklist helps evaluate each answer choice: proving what each party thinks and confirming their disagreement.
  • The example used involves a debate over whether a conceptual portrait can be considered a true portrait, illustrating the application of the strategy.
  • The correct answer is identified by applying the checklist to each option, demonstrating the process of elimination based on the parties' views.
Understanding Point-at-Issue Questions
Applying the Three-Step Checklist
Identifying the Correct Answer