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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 17

The essence of tackling necessary assumption questions on the GRE involves identifying assumptions critical to an argument's validity, focusing on the logical connection between evidence and conclusion.
  • Necessary assumption questions require pinpointing an assumption indispensable for the argument's coherence; without it, the argument collapses.
  • Understanding the argument entails dissecting it into its conclusion and supporting evidence, identifying the subtle shifts that may hint at underlying assumptions.
  • The example provided illustrates the process of deducing that balanced muscle development, assumed to result from exercising both sides of the back equally, is crucial for the argument's soundness.
  • Incorrect answer choices often confuse necessity with sufficiency or exaggerate the argument's claims, demonstrating common pitfalls to avoid.
  • The correct answer choice directly addresses the implicit assumption that equal exercise on both sides leads to balanced muscle development, which is essential for maintaining a healthy back.
Understanding Necessary Assumption Questions
Dissecting the Argument
Identifying the Assumption
Evaluating Answer Choices