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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 14

The essence of tackling principle-identify questions on the GRE involves understanding the argument's structure and matching it with a principle that aligns with the argument's reasoning.
  • Principle-identify questions require finding a principle that matches the given argument.
  • Understanding the argument involves breaking it down into its component parts and grasping its conclusion and reasoning.
  • The example provided illustrates an argument for universities using open-source software, based on its alignment with academic values.
  • The correct answer choice is one that reflects the argument's emphasis on choosing software that matches the university's mission and values.
  • Incorrect answer choices are eliminated based on their focus on aspects like software advancement or cost, which were not the basis of the argument.
Understanding Principle-Identify Questions
Analyzing the Argument
Selecting the Correct Answer
Eliminating Incorrect Answers