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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 18

The content focuses on how to approach and solve flaw questions on the GRE, specifically by identifying and understanding the argument's structure, its conclusion, evidence, and the inherent flaw.
  • Flaw questions require breaking down the argument into its conclusion and evidence.
  • Identifying the argument's conclusion is crucial, often signaled by keywords like 'Thus' and 'Hence'.
  • The flaw in the example argument is a false choice between two moral duties without evidence to support the prioritization of one over the other.
  • The correct answer choice highlights the argument's failure to consider other overriding moral principles.
  • Incorrect answer choices are dismissed by closely analyzing their relevance and accuracy in relation to the argument's actual claims.
Understanding Flaw Questions
Breaking Down the Argument
Identifying the Flaw
Evaluating Answer Choices