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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 7

The content provides a detailed strategy for tackling pointed issue questions on the GRE, focusing on identifying disagreements between two perspectives.
  • Pointed issue questions require identifying a provable disagreement between two viewpoints.
  • Analysis of statements by Antonio and Marla on moderation reveals a disagreement on what living a life of moderation entails.
  • Antonio views moderation as avoiding extremes and missing out on spontaneity, while Marla believes true moderation includes taking risks.
  • The correct answer is identified by understanding and proving the nature of the disagreement between the two perspectives.
  • Other answer choices are evaluated and dismissed based on the inability to prove a disagreement on the specified issue.
Understanding Pointed Issue Questions
Analyzing Perspectives on Moderation
Identifying the Core Disagreement
Evaluating and Eliminating Incorrect Answers