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June 2007, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 9

The essence of tackling necessary assumption questions in the GRE involves identifying assumptions critical for an argument's validity, illustrated through the analysis of an argument about the extinction of the Tasmanian tiger.
  • Necessary assumption questions require pinpointing something indispensable for the argument's truth.
  • The argument's conclusion posits the Tasmanian tiger's extinction, supported by evidence regarding habitat displacement and lack of new evidence despite efforts.
  • Two major assumptions identified are the effectiveness of naturalists in finding evidence and the absence of Tasmanian tigers in undisclosed locations.
  • Answer choices are analyzed to find one that is a necessary assumption for the argument's success, leading to the selection of the correct answer.
  • The process emphasizes understanding the argument's structure, evaluating evidence and assumptions, and carefully considering answer choices.
Understanding Necessary Assumption Questions
Analyzing the Argument Structure
Identifying Major Assumptions
Evaluating Answer Choices