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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 9

The content focuses on dissecting a 'role of a statement' question within the GRE exam, illustrating how to analyze an argument and select the correct answer based on the function of a statement within that argument.
  • Understanding the argument's conclusion is crucial before analyzing how a statement functions within it.
  • Identifying correct descriptions of a statement's role involves distinguishing between evidence, counter-evidence, and the argument's overall claim.
  • The example provided demonstrates the process of eliminating incorrect answer choices by closely examining how they describe the statement's role in the argument.
  • The correct answer choice accurately reflects the statement's intent to cast doubt on a hypothesis by questioning the sufficiency of evidence.
  • It's essential to avoid answer choices that misrepresent the argument's claims or introduce unrelated information.
Understanding the Argument
Analyzing the Statement's Role
Evaluating Answer Choices
Selecting the Correct Answer