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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 12

The content provides a detailed walkthrough of solving an inference question on the GRE, emphasizing the importance of carefully analyzing the information given and logically deducing the answer that can be directly supported by the facts.
  • The question involves cataloging information provided and selecting an answer that can be substantiated with that information.
  • Key facts include a record number of books and cookbooks sold last year, with a notable shift towards cookbooks not intended for beginners and increased purchases by professional cooks.
  • The correct answer (A) is deduced by combining the facts about the increased overall sales of cookbooks and the specific increase in cookbooks aimed at non-beginners.
  • Other answer choices are systematically eliminated based on the lack of direct evidence from the provided information.
  • The example underscores the necessity of distinguishing between the percentage and total number of sales to avoid incorrect conclusions.
Understanding Inference Questions
Cataloging Key Information
Analyzing and Deducting the Correct Answer
Eliminating Incorrect Answer Choices