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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 7

The essence of tackling principle identify questions on the GRE involves matching the reasoning in a given argument to a generic abstract rule among the answer choices. This process requires a deep analysis of the argument's structure, assumptions, and conclusions.
  • Principle identify questions ask test-takers to match the argument's reasoning to an abstract rule in the answer choices.
  • Analyzing the argument involves identifying its conclusion, the evidence provided, and underlying assumptions.
  • The correct principle often contrasts characteristics of two examples to highlight what a successful instance embodies.
  • The principle that a civic building should encourage social cohesion and make the city more alive, as exemplified by the art museum, is the correct answer for the given question.
Understanding Principle Identify Questions
Breaking Down the Argument
Analyzing Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Principle