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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 13

The content focuses on how to approach necessary assumption questions on the GRE, using an example about methane in the Martian atmosphere to illustrate the process of identifying assumptions critical for an argument's conclusion.
  • Necessary assumption questions require identifying unstated premises required for the argument's evidence to support its conclusion.
  • Understanding the argument involves discerning its conclusion, flagged by conclusory keywords, and its evidence.
  • The example provided hinges on the assumption that there is no way for methane in Mars' atmosphere to escape exposure to sunlight, which is crucial for the argument that methane must have been released relatively recently.
  • Answer choice analysis demonstrates how to distinguish the correct assumption from distractors, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the argument's logic rather than extraneous information.
Understanding Necessary Assumptions
Analyzing the Argument's Structure
Identifying the Core Assumption
Evaluating Answer Choices