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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 14

The essence of tackling inference questions on the GRE involves cataloging given information and identifying provable assertions based on that information.
  • Inference questions require examining the information provided and selecting an answer that can be logically supported.
  • The example provided discusses the environmental and economic implications of gasoline usage and the effect of taxation on consumer behavior.
  • The correct answer choice (C) is supported by the logical connection between increased taxes, reduced gasoline consumption, and the consequent decrease in pollution.
  • Incorrect answer choices often introduce concepts not supported by the given information, such as consumer awareness or exclusive considerations affecting behavior.
  • The process of elimination based on the information given and logical inference is crucial in selecting the correct answer.
Understanding Inference Questions
Analyzing the Environmentalist's Argument
Dissecting Incorrect Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Answer