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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 6

The content provides an in-depth analysis of how to approach evaluate questions on the GRE, focusing on identifying assumptions within an argument to determine its strength or weakness.
  • Evaluate questions are a mix between strengthen and weaken questions, asking for information that could impact the argument's validity.
  • To analyze these questions, break down the argument into its component parts, identifying the conclusion and the evidence provided.
  • The core of tackling an evaluate question lies in understanding what information would reveal something about an unstated assumption in the argument.
  • An example provided illustrates the process of elimination through answer choices, emphasizing the importance of relevance to the argument's assumptions.
  • The correct answer choice offers information that directly affects the argument's assumption, thereby aiding in evaluating the argument's strength.
Understanding Evaluate Questions
Breaking Down the Argument
Analyzing Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Answer