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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 2, Question 3

The content provides an in-depth analysis of how to approach flaw questions on the GRE, focusing on identifying and understanding the argument's vulnerability by dissecting its conclusion, evidence, and potential errors.
  • Flaw questions require identifying the error in an argument, necessitating a clear understanding of the argument's conclusion and evidence.
  • The example used illustrates a common flaw in reasoning related to sampling error, using sunscreen and skin cancer rates to demonstrate how overlooking variables can undermine an argument.
  • The correct approach involves critically evaluating the argument's assumptions and the evidence provided, leading to the identification of the actual flaw.
  • Answer choices are analyzed to show common pitfalls in selecting the correct answer, emphasizing the importance of closely aligning the choice with the identified flaw.
Understanding Flaw Questions
Identifying the Argument's Flaw
Analyzing Answer Choices
Selecting the Correct Answer