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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 22

The content focuses on how to approach and solve strengthen questions on the GRE, specifically through analyzing an argument about the genetic adaptation of salmon in Lake Clearwater.
  • Strengthen questions require supporting the argument's unstated assumptions for the evidence to prove its conclusion.
  • The argument presents a causal relationship, suggesting that the genetic differences in salmon populations are due to adaptation to distinct habitats.
  • Key assumptions for causal arguments include the absence of alternate causes, the direction of the cause-effect relationship, and the non-coincidental nature of the change.
  • Answer choice A strengthens the argument by eliminating an alternate cause for the genetic differences, thereby supporting the causal claim.
  • Other answer choices are dismissed as they either introduce irrelevant information or contradict the argument's conclusion.
Understanding Strengthen Questions
Analyzing the Argument's Structure
Identifying Key Assumptions
Evaluating Answer Choices