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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 12

The content focuses on tackling sufficient assumption questions in the GRE, illustrating how to bridge the gap between evidence and conclusion to ensure a correct answer.
  • Identify the conclusion and the evidence provided in the question to understand the gap that needs to be bridged.
  • Use formal logic shorthand to simplify the relationship between the evidence and the conclusion.
  • Look for an answer choice that introduces new evidence or a principle that, when combined with the existing evidence, guarantees the conclusion's validity.
  • Answer choice A is correct because it establishes that without consent (which is implied by lack of consultation), the chairperson should not have released the report.
  • Other answer choices are dismissed because they either introduce irrelevant information or fail to conclusively bridge the evidence-conclusion gap.
Understanding Sufficient Assumption Questions
Analyzing the Evidence and Conclusion
Selecting the Correct Answer
Evaluating Incorrect Answers