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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 21

The essence of tackling inference questions on the GRE involves understanding and applying formal logic to deduce answers that are directly supported by the given information.
  • Inference questions require proving an answer choice with the information provided.
  • Understanding formal logic and its application is crucial, including writing rules in shorthand and forming contrapositives.
  • The example provided illustrates dissecting a question about students' grades in Spanish 101, using attendance and grade criteria to infer most students did not receive less than a B minus.
  • Identifying the correct answer involves eliminating choices that cannot be proven with the given rules and focusing on what can be logically inferred.
  • The process demonstrates the importance of closely analyzing the language of the answer choices to avoid being misled by tricky wording.
Understanding Inference Questions
Applying Formal Logic
Dissecting the Question
Formulating and Testing Inferences
Identifying the Correct Answer