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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 3

The content focuses on identifying and analyzing a flaw within an argument, specifically within the context of GRE exam preparation. It illustrates how to dissect an argument to uncover its vulnerability, using a specific example related to video game companies selling movie rights.
  • Understanding the argument's conclusion and evidence is crucial for identifying its flaw.
  • The example provided demonstrates a general conclusion drawn from a single case, highlighting a common logical fallacy.
  • The correct answer choice pinpoints the flaw as drawing a general conclusion based on one individual case.
  • Other answer choices are analyzed and dismissed for not accurately representing the argument's flaw.
  • Identifying such flaws requires careful analysis of the argument's structure and the evidence presented.
Understanding Flaw Questions
Analyzing the Argument
Identifying the Flaw
Evaluating Answer Choices