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PrepTest 73, Logical Reasoning 1, Question 2

Understanding paradox questions on the GRE involves identifying discrepancies in scenarios and selecting an answer that resolves the apparent contradiction.
  • Paradox questions present a situation where two conflicting truths exist simultaneously, and the task is to find an explanation that reconciles these truths.
  • The first step in addressing a paradox question is to pinpoint the exact nature of the discrepancy or contradiction.
  • A detailed example illustrates a discrepancy in how people respond to being thanked in different contexts: a commercial versus a personal setting.
  • The correct answer to a paradox question will introduce a new fact that makes the observed discrepancy logical or understandable.
  • Analysis of each answer choice demonstrates a logical approach to eliminating incorrect options and identifying the explanation that resolves the paradox.
Introduction to Paradox Questions
Identifying the Discrepancy
Analyzing Answer Choices
Resolving the Paradox