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PrepTest 73, Passage 2, Question 15


Question 15, asks about the main purpose of the passage which makes it a primary purpose question. Primary purpose questions are a lot like main point questions. Really, there are two different ways of asking about the same thing which is the author's overall agenda. In general, the difference is the primary purpose questions will phrase the agenda more abstractly rather than filling in all the concrete details.

By this point, we should be well acquainted with the main point of the passage which was that Cameron, although she intended to do one thing, did something else. And what she did actually made her pictures more interesting. That's what we'll be looking for in the answer choices. Answer choice, A says that the author was trying to chronicle Cameron's artistic development.

While this is about Cameron and it is about art, there's no chronicle of her artistic development. It's not saying first she did this, then she did that, then she did this. It's just about the aesthetic effect of her photos, so A is not our answer. Answer choice B, well, this is exactly what we said. To argue to the tension between her intentions or her aims and what she actually produced or her results.

But that tensions is what created the artistically interesting things about her works. So, answer is B is what we are looking for. C is wrong because, well one, the author never said Cameron had an essentially theoretical vision. So it will be hard for the author to be showing anything about something that they never said.

Answer choice D is a project that the author never really attributes to Cameron acquiring for photography, the prestige according to painting. We don't know that Cameron was ever trying to do that. And answer choice E, this misunderstands what the author was doing with the passing of Arthur at the end. It is true that the passing of Arthur transcends its homely details.

That wasn't the main point of the passage. And also, it was rather just an example of the ways in which Cameron's art was good. The point of the passage wasn't that the passing is good, but rather to use it to explain her artistic effects in general. So answer choice B was the answer and finally, that very long passage with many, many questions is complete.

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