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PrepTest 73, Passage 2, Question 14

The content focuses on dissecting a specific GRE question type that asks about the purpose of a detail within a passage, using the concept of 'suspension of disbelief' as a case study.
  • Purpose of a detail questions aim to understand the role a specific detail plays in supporting the author's overall argument or agenda.
  • Understanding the author's intent at each point in the passage is crucial for answering these questions effectively.
  • The discussion of 'suspension of disbelief' contrasts photographic medium with other art forms like painting and theater, highlighting its unique impact on viewers.
  • The correct answer choice (B) identifies this contrast and its role in characterizing our response to the art, aligning with the author's use of the detail.
  • Incorrect answer choices either misinterpret the author's stance or incorrectly assess the comparative analysis of art forms presented.
Understanding Purpose of Detail Questions
Analyzing the Author's Intent
Dissecting the 'Suspension of Disbelief'
Evaluating Answer Choices