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PrepTest 73, Passage 2, Question 13

The passage provides a detailed analysis of how to approach an inference question on the GRE, using a specific question as an example to illustrate the process of elimination and logical reasoning required to identify the correct answer.
  • Inference questions demand proof from the passage, requiring a detailed examination of each answer choice.
  • Details relevant to the question are scattered throughout the passage, necessitating a thorough, answer-by-answer analysis.
  • Extreme answer choices or those lacking direct support from the passage are to be eliminated.
  • The correct answer, in this case, is identified through subtle hints within the passage, emphasizing the importance of careful reading and interpretation.
  • The example underscores the necessity of not only understanding the content of the passage but also applying logical reasoning to deduce the correct answer.
Understanding Inference Questions
Analyzing Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Answer