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PrepTest 73, Passage 2, Question 8

The essence of tackling main point questions on the GRE involves identifying an answer choice that encapsulates the entirety of the passage's argument, without necessarily mentioning every detail but covering the broad themes presented.
  • Main point questions require a summary of the passage's argument that is broad enough to encompass all discussed themes.
  • A correct answer choice reflects the passage's overall argument, distinguishing between mere details and the central point.
  • Predicting the main point based on the passage's content aids in efficiently selecting the correct answer.
  • The chosen answer must align with the passage's themes, such as the blend of artistic and amateur elements in the discussed work.
  • Incorrect answers may focus on specific details, contradict the passage's themes, or misinterpret the overall point.
Understanding Main Point Questions
Strategies for Identifying the Main Point
Analyzing Answer Choices