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PrepTest 78, Game 3, Question 17

The analysis of question 17 from PT78, Game number 3, focuses on determining the validity of various answer choices based on established rules, specifically identifying which scenarios could be true.
  • Answer choice A is incorrect because S cannot be in position 5 due to the requirement that S must precede M and V.
  • Answer choice B is correct, demonstrating that S can be fourth if L is first, H is second, and T is third, adhering to the rules.
  • Answer choice C is incorrect as placing L in position 5 and M in 6 violates the rule that M must come before L if H precedes L.
  • Answer choice D fails because it's impossible to place T in position 3 and L in 4 without violating the rule that S must precede M.
  • Answer choice E is incorrect because placing H in position 2 and V in 3 is unfeasible, as S must come before V.
Analyzing Answer Choice A
Validating Answer Choice B
Disqualifying Answer Choices C, D, and E