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PrepTest 78, Game 3, Question 13

The analysis of question number 13 from PT 78, Game number 3, focuses on determining what could be true based on the given rules and answer choices.
  • Answer choice A is incorrect because placing T in 2 and L in 3 violates the conditional rule that if H is before L, M must also be before L.
  • Answer choice B is correct as placing S in 2 and V in 3 adheres to all the given rules, making it a possible scenario.
  • Answer choices C and D are incorrect due to direct contradictions with the rules stating the order of S before M and V.
  • Answer choice E is incorrect because placing S in 4 and T in 5 does not leave enough room for M and V to be placed according to the rules.
Evaluating Answer Choice A
Confirming Answer Choice B
Disqualifying Other Answer Choices