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PrepTest 78, Game 3, Question 12

The summary of the content focuses on a strategic approach to answering a specific type of question on the GRE, involving the ordering of items based on a set of rules.
  • Identify the question type that asks for an accurate list of items in order.
  • Use elimination strategy based on the given rules to narrow down the answer choices.
  • Rule 1: S cannot go first, eliminating answer choice D.
  • Rule 2: If H is before L, then M must also be before L, eliminating answer choice A.
  • Rule 3: S must come before both M and V, eliminating answer choice E.
  • Rule 4: T must come before H or V but not both, eliminating answer choice B, leaving C as the correct answer.
Understanding the Question Type
Applying Rule 1 for Elimination
Applying Rule 2 for Further Elimination
Finalizing Answer with Remaining Rules