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PrepTest 78, Game 3, Question 15

The analysis of question 15 from PT 78, game 3, reveals the intricacies of determining which letter cannot be immediately before V, based on the game's rules and setup.
  • H cannot be immediately before V due to the game's rules that place T between H and V in all scenarios.
  • The examination of each answer choice demonstrates a methodical approach to rule out possibilities, confirming H as the correct answer.
  • Other letters like L, M, S, and T could potentially be immediately before V in different setups, making them incorrect answers.
  • The solution hinges on understanding the specific rule that T is earlier than H or V, but not both, which directly impacts the placement of H relative to V.
  • This question underscores the importance of closely analyzing the game's rules and applying them to each answer choice to determine the correct sequence.
Analyzing the Setup
Determining the Correct Answer
Exploring Other Possibilities