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PrepTest 78, Game 3, Setup

The content provides a detailed strategy for approaching a specific logic game in the GRE exam, focusing on an antique shop auction scenario with a set of rules to determine the order of auctions.
  • Introduction of a six-day auction scenario with antiques labeled H, L, M, S, T, V to be auctioned in a specific sequence.
  • Explanation of four main rules governing the auction order, including conditional and exclusive or conditions.
  • Strategies for diagramming the rules visually to simplify the logic puzzle and aid in deduction.
  • Techniques for making deductions based on the combination of rules, particularly focusing on the implications of the 'or but not both' rule.
  • Guidance on applying these deductions to answer questions about the auction order, emphasizing the importance of understanding the conditional relationships and the sequence implications.
Setting the Stage
Understanding the Rules
Diagramming Strategies
Making Key Deductions