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PrepTest 78, Game 3, Question 14

The analysis of question 14 from PT 78 game number 3 reveals the logical sequencing required when T is positioned after M and V, demonstrating the critical thinking needed for GRE prep.
  • T must follow M and V, placing this scenario in the first version of the outlined world where T can logically come after V.
  • S must precede M, V, T, and H but cannot be the first, necessitating S to be placed second to allow L to lead and accommodate the M, V before T, H sequence.
  • M and V are interchangeable in the third and fourth positions, but T must be fifth and H sixth to satisfy the conditions set forth.
  • Incorrect answer choices are systematically eliminated by applying the rules and conditions, highlighting the importance of understanding each element's relational dynamics.
  • The correct answer, D, indicates that M can be earlier than V, showcasing the flexibility within the constraints of the given conditions.
Introduction to the Logical Sequence
Establishing the Sequence Framework
Analyzing Incorrect Answers
Determining the Correct Answer