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PrepTest 78, Game 3, Question 14


This is question 14, which is the third question in PT 78 game number 3. It is a local question and the new condition is T is after M and V, we're looking for what could be true of T is after M and V. Now that means that we are going to be in our first version of our O here. Our first world, because this is the only place where you can put T after V. So I'm going to go ahead and just add the new relationship which is at T is also after M.

Now you'll notice here that that means S has to come before M, V, T and H. So S has to come before every letter except L, since S can't go in first. That means S has to go second to leave enough room for the L before it, as well as the M V before T H relationship. Now you can see that because T and H have to come after M and V, that means T is in 5, h is in 6, and then M and V.

These are going to get the trade off in the third and the fourth spot. So what could be true? Well, answer choice D says M is earlier than V that could be true. You can put in 3, V in 4, or V in 3 and M in 4, they get to trade off. Now let's take a look at why the other answers are wrong. A says H is earlier than T, but that doesn't work because if we need to have T later than V, then we cannot be in this situation.

That means T has to be after V, and that means T has to be before H. This is coming from the last rule, remember, T is either before V or H, but not both. So if it's not before V, then it has to be before H, and choice B says T is earlier than L. But that's not gonna work because if you try to put T earlier than L, that's gonna force us to go first.

There's no other letter that could go first besides the S right now, and we had a rule that says S can't go first. So that's why L's got to go first, L can't go later than other letters right now. C is wrong for a similar reason that A is wrong, if the condition is that T is later than V. You're going to be forced into the V before t before H, and make sure to take a look at the setup video.

If you don't remember how we came up with this or split. This problem puts us in the V T H split, and that means T is going to come after S, it's not going to come before S. Finally, E says that S is earlier than L, but again in this problem if you put m before T. The S cannot go first, and that means the S has to go second.

The only letter that is remaining to go in the first spot is our L, so actually L must come before S, it's not the other way around.

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