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PrepTest 78, Game 3, Question 16

The analysis of a GRE prep question demonstrates the process of elimination and logical deduction to determine which answer choices could be true based on given rules.
  • Answer choice A is eliminated because M cannot be second as it must come before S, and S cannot be first.
  • Answer choice B is not possible because placing L second contradicts the rule that S cannot go first, and it triggers a conditional rule that cannot be satisfied.
  • Answer choice C is incorrect as V must come after S, making it impossible for V to be second.
  • Answer choice D is ruled out because placing L third in any scenario contradicts the established rules, making it unfeasible.
  • Through process of elimination, answer choice E is determined to be correct, as M can be placed fifth in a scenario that adheres to all the rules.
Eliminating Incorrect Answers
Analyzing Answer Choice B
Dissecting Answer Choice D
Confirming the Correct Answer