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PrepTest 78, Game 4, Setup

The content provides a comprehensive breakdown of a logic game from Pt 78, focusing on the strategy for organizing and solving a problem involving a director auditioning six different singers with specific recording requirements.
  • Six auditions are categorized by whether they are recorded (R) or not recorded (N), with specific rules governing their arrangement.
  • Key rules include restrictions on which auditions can be recorded, the sequence of certain auditions relative to others, and the precedence of specific singers over others.
  • Deductions are made by combining rules that involve common elements, leading to a simplified understanding of the problem structure.
  • The final setup involves a clear visualization of the audition sequence, taking into account all the rules and making it easier to address subsequent questions.
  • The approach demonstrates the importance of integrating rules to form a coherent strategy for solving logic games on the GRE.
Game Setup
Rule Application
Deductions and Strategy
Final Preparations for Questions