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PrepTest 78, Game 4, Question 19


Question number 19. This is the seconds problem from game number 4 in P-T 78. It's a global question asking what cannot go second. Now the quickest way to do this kind of question is to look at your rules, your ordering rules to see if there's any letter that has too many letters that have to come before or after it in order to fit in the second spot.

And you might notice that our T here has to have K and W going before it. So that's why T is not going to be able to fit in the second spot. There's not enough room for both W and K. So C is going to be our answer. But let's talk about why the other answers are wrong. Answer choice A says K and it kind of looks like K could go in 2 doesn't it?, because you could put the W before it.

And so if this works then this is not going to be correct. You know the L is going to have to go in 5 and you could put the Z in 3, the Y in 4, the T and 6, this order works and that proves that K could go second. Now you could also just switch the K and the L up in 2 here. You could put L in 2 and then K in 5. K would still be before T here and that would prove that L could go second.

This is an order that works. What about D could W go second? Well, we could put W in second and then we just have to keep K, L and T after it. So let's make R or rather spot number 5 a K, we'll make 6 a T. We'll put the L in 3. And then you could put a Z in 1, a Y and 4.

That's why D is not correct. W could go second. Now we can also over here, just switch up the Z and the W. We could make W go in 1 and Z and 2. And this also follows the rules and that proves that Z could go second. So C is our answer.

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