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PrepTest 78, Game 4, Question 22


This is the fifth question from PT 78, Game number 4, Question number 22. And it's a global question asking where Y could go. So let's start by looking at our rules for any constraints on Y, and we know Y cannot go first cuz it has to have Z before it. So that gets sort of answer choice E. But right now it kind of looks like Y could go in any other slot except for the fifth slot.

So I guess I can sort of answer choice A, which says fifth, but we have to consider the second, third and fourth spots. And at this point I'll just go ahead and try to put Y in 4, 3 and then if I need 2 too, let's see if Y can go forth. You could put the Y over there, you could make this one a K. That means T would have to come after the K, and then you could put W in 1, Z in 2, and then let's put an L in 3.

This is something that follows all of the rules, and so this is one possibility that proves Y could go forth. Now in a time situation, I would want to just move on if I did that work to prove that Y could go forth. But let's go ahead and see why Y cannot go third or second. If you try to put Y in 3 then that means we know as Z is gonna have to come before the Y.

We also know the W is going to have to come before the Y as well. And that's because you need to have enough room after the W, and in this case also after the Y for K, T and L. But now we run into a problem if we try to accommodate K, T and L in the last three spots. We know the fourth spot cannot be recorded, and T is the only one that is not recorded out of these three letters.

But K has to go before T. So that's not gonna work, this is why Y can't go third. What about second, could Y go second? If you put Y in 2 you got to put the Z before it in 1. And now we know that W has to come before K, T and L. And here's where we run into a similar issue.

You see the W would have to go third to leave enough room for these three letters. But again the only not recorded letter out of these three is T, but then the T would not be coming after the K. So that's why D does not work.

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