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PrepTest 78, Game 4, Question 20


This is question number 20, which is the third question in PT 78 game number 4, we have a global question asking us what could be the sixth audition. So the best way to solve this is to look at our rules, our ordering rules, and examine which ones seem like they could go last. Now if you're just looking at the rules here, it looks like T, L, or Y could go last.

And so the T should be under consideration as well as the L, all of the other letters have to have something after them. Now we'll have to examine both these answers a little bit more closely. Can we put L last? Well, if you put L in sixth, here's what's gonna happen. K is gonna have to go in 5, because fifth has to be recorded and only K and L are recorded.

So once you put K and 5, however, you don't have any more room for the T, which has to come after the K. So that's why L actually does not work in 6. And so the answer has to be T, T is the one that could go six out of these five answer choices. And if you wanna prove it out, you could put T and 6, you could make 5 K.

And then you could go ahead and put W and 1, you could put L in 2, Z, Y in 3, 4.

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