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PrepTest 78, Game 4, Question 21


This is the fourth question from PT 78 Game number 4, question number 21. If K is immediately before Y, then which could be true? So since this is a local question giving us new information we should incorporate the new rule which is K is immediately before Y. And that means we have to have a W before KY block, the KY is gonna come before T, the W has to come before L.

And then because the Z has to go before Y, the Z would have to come before this KY block. So now let's take a look at the answers in light of our new connection between rules. A says K is in 2 is that possible? Well no, because K now has to come before Z and W so there's not enough room for both Z and W if K isn't 2.

B says T is in 4 and that's not gonna work either because now T has to have the Z,W,KY before it. That's four different letters so if you try to put T in 4, you're not gonna have four spaces for Z, W, K, Y. That's why B is wrong. Answer choice C says W is third.

Now the problem with that is if you put W in third, do you notice the order has to be K, Y, T after it? But you can't put a Y in the middle spot the fifth spot like that. So you can't put K,Y,T W is not gonna work in third. Could y be sixth? Well no, Y has to have T after it so Y is never gonna go last.

That means D is wrong through process of elimination Z is 2 could be true. Now we could go ahead and prove that out if we had time or if you want to review, you could put W in1, Z in 2 and then you could put K Y, make this an L, and then you put the T last. This proves that Z could be second.

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