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PrepTest 78, Game 4, Question 18


This is question number 18, the first question in game number 4 from PT 78. And this is asking what can be the order of the auditions from first to last? As you probably know, the best strategy for this question is to use the rules to eliminate answers that don't correspond. So let's take a look at rule number one, the fourth, a person to audition has to be not recorded.

So it can't be K or L, that's gonna get rid of answer choice E, which has l in the fourth spot. The second rule says the fifth has to be recorded. That means number five has to be K or L that gets rid of answer choice C, which as Z in five. The third rule says W is before K and L and that gets rid of answer choice A, which has k before W.

Rule number four says K has to be before T and that's going to not get rid of any answer choice because B and D both have K before T. So let's take a look at the last one, Z has to come before Y, that gets rid of B, which has Y before Z. So D is our answer.

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